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Club Code of Conduct

Thetford Town FC’s Code of Conduct for Players
is based on Fair Play, Good Citizenship and the Avoidance of Racial Abuse

Players are the most important people in sport. Playing for the team, and for the team to win, is the most fundamental part of the game, but not winning at any costs, because Fair Play and respect for all others in the game is equally important.
Parents and spectators have a great influence on children’s enjoyment and success in football. All children play football because they first and foremost enjoy the game – its fun. But, however good a child/adult becomes at football within the club, it is important to remember that positive encouragement will contribute to:
• Children enjoying football.
• A sense of personal achievement.
• High self-esteem.
• Improving the child’s skills and techniques.
A parent / spectator’s expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a child’s/adult attitude towards other players, match officials, managers and spectators.
All parents / spectators of Thetford Town FC are expected:
• Not to use foul or abusive language in any circumstances.
• To always be positive and encouraging towards all players from both teams (not just their own child or the most talented), in a sensible and constructive manner.
• To avoid yelling at or ridiculing a child for making a mistake.
• To remember that children play football for their own enjoyment, not for your own entertainment.
• To show respect for the Match Officials.
• To accept defeat sensibly and with dignity and to encourage the children to do the same.
• To avoid coaching the children during the game.
• To accept the decisions and instructions of the Coach and other Team Officials - remember, they are volunteers who give up their time and resources to provide football for your children.
• To abide by the Laws, rules and spirit of the game of football.
• To support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children's football and to promote this Code of Conduct amongst other Parents and Spectators.


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